Monday, 17 November 2014

Tenancy Agreement Services

I make tenancy agreement for:-
~ House Rentals
~ Office Rentals
~ Shop rentals

Why its so important?

For House Owners
~ Renting without Tenancy agreement may make high risk where
1. There is no term & contract between owner & tenant
2. Property damages @ missused may not be claimed properly
3. To terminate un responsible tenant is not as easy during tenants first entry
4. We might also not aware whether our tenants are good working people @ maybe criminals
5. Upon any crime @ death struck at our premise, owner can be dragged into any legal matters easily
6. When you need to buy more properties, where is your rental proof to support on new banking loan

For House Tenants
~ This can also be a high risk if there is no tenancy made
1. If owner have problems with bank monthly repayments, tenants belonging can be freeze with the court order at no question asked
2. If owner wish to terminate @ takeover the premise, there is nothing to back up the tenant for stay continuation
3. If there is any damages @ problems with the premise, tenant shall have to bear at own without any back up to owner

My cost and charges are at affortable price as I am not charging to an extreme extent
Charges depends on what type of Tenancy Agreement made & duration of tenancy stay needed

Please get more info by calling me at:-
En Putra (REN00201)
IEC Properties E(3)1240

Thank you.