Monday, 24 September 2012

Willing to give a hand on Sales Transaction

Salam to all.

I'm a Real Estate Negotiator.
I have buyers looking forward for any Bungalow
lots or even land (based on market value or

I can assist you with any handling &
transaction of any form of properties.

Please call me directly,
En Putra


Looking For New Staffs in Real Estate

Welcome all Unemployed Personnels.
Male or Female.
With an ambition.
To seek High Income.
To reach out Income as the Sky is the Limit.
No promises on How much is your earned Income.
All commission based income ...
Lots of other fringe benifits ...
Grow together with the Company ...

Why we Call you now...?

As an Exclusive Agent to SPNB, we have Cleared up more than 1,000 units of 100% 
ready completed with CF apartments in Tasik Biru Kundang within 1 year of Appointment.
We need Energized personnels who can work at odd hours to be in a Few of our
Sales Counters any where within Klang Valley.

We are also being offered more counters & other new projects such as:-

1. Laguna Biru, Sg Buloh of Negeri Selangor (Left +4 units)
2. Lukut, Port Dickson of Negeri Sembilan (Left +20 units)
3. Sikamat, Seremban of Negeri Sembilan (Left +600 units)
4. Lahat of Ipoh Perak (Left +140 units)

Very high & attractive commission awaits for committed & we can assure you
that your income may reach between RM2,000 to RM5,000 per mth within 3 

Training & support shall be given to succesful candidates.

Please call us or Come thru appointment at the below address:-

IEC Properties E(3)1240
264C, 3rd Floor, Jalan Bandar 12,
Metro Melawati, Taman Melawati 53100
Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: 03-4146 5184 03-41615184
Fax: 03-4147 5184

Admin Clerk in-charge: Miss Wanie
Asst to Admin: Cik Puan Fatin

or Call respective Personnels:-

Mr Lamid - 016-2183970
Mr Kamal - 017-3328004
Mr Azahar - 0123857411
Mr Putra - 010-3056823 / 012-2615337

Please bring along your Resume & any reliable documents during your interview.

Thank you. See you at the Top!!

Friday, 21 September 2012

Property prices drop globally

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 Property prices drop globally
Property values have fallen across the world in Q2 2012, according to the latest survey of global property prices. The Global Property... read more
 Australian property prices predicted to fall by up to 20%
Housing prices are predicted to fall by up to 20% by 2014 due to extensive overvaluing, according to Investec Asset Management... read more
 Overseas property portal hots up over summer
Property portal Rightmove Overseas saw an extraordinary August, though they say this doesn't necessarily mean there are more buyers... read more
 US property market on the up
Positive signs for the US market are springing up all over the place, making it difficult for one to deny that the market is improving. In a July... read more
 Malaysian investors go down under
During 2010-2011, Malaysia was fourth in the rank of countries that have invested most in Australia, with a total of RM1.863 more
 Canada’s property market down
The Canadian housing market is quickly drying up as a result of government changes to mortgage insurance rules, which were made in July... read more
 The Property Investor Show: Property Auction
The UK's largest and most venerable property investor event is returning to London this year, bringing with it one of the biggest day... read more
 The new property social media network
Darren Moffatt, managing director at Seniors First Specialist Finance, has launched a real estate focused social media network, which will... read more
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RELAX POLICIES: See Kok Loong, director of Metro Homes Sdn Bhd dishes out some sound ideas for a more vibrant property market.


· Real Property Gains Tax (RPGT) rate should remain the same.
· Introduce Goods and Services Tax (GST) of 4 per cent as soon as possible.
· Reduce corporate income tax and personal income tax rate to stay competitive with Hong Kong and Singapore.

· Allow more foreigners to come to Malaysia to work, stay, live and tour.Allow easy employment permit for high level employment like RM10K and above and in selected industries such as services. Only with a large pool of expatriates will our rental market for office and high end condominium move.

· Relax the MM2H (Malaysia My 2nd Home) policy and make it more efficient. The Government should promote it more as it is a good policy and is one of the ways to bring in quality foreigners to stay in Malaysia.

· Implement stamp duty waiver for RM500K and below for affordable home ownership for Malaysians.

· Property purchase by foreigners should be restricted to RM1 million and above for major cities like KL, Penang, Johor, Kota Kinabalu etc so as to avoid affecting local buyers.

· Allow maximum loan for those eligible who buy property below RM 500,000. Offer low interest rates for this category as well because the current banking system offers lower rates for bigger loans which is not fair to first home buyer.· Allocate more prime land for affordable landed housing in the range of RM300K–500K.

· Build better public infrastructure and public transportation to allow residents to stay outside the city in places like Nilai, Seremban, Rawang etc.

· Bring in quality foreign buyers to support the high-end property market. With the demand, it will create jobs and opportunity, and result in a more balanced market where yield and capital appreciation are reasonable.

Bungalow Land in Lahat Indah

Developer: SPNB
Contractor: Intellview Sdn Bhd
Project Name: Taman Lahat Indah
Location: Old Lahat Town
District: Majlis Daerah Ulu Kinta

Direction: Beside Lumut - Jelapang Highway
Neighbouring: Waterfront Lakeview of Jln Menglembu

- 5km to Pengkalan Town
- 3km to Menglembu Town
- 10km to Ipoh Town
- 7km to Bt Gajah Town
- 20km to Bandar Iskandar

- 5km to Tesco Station 18 & Jaya Jusco Mall
- 3km to Cimb, RHB, Hong Leong, Maybank
- 0.5km to Lahat Police Station
- 1km to Shell Station

Total Housing units: 226
Bungalow Land: 1

Type of Property: Bungalow Lot
Total Land Area: 15,220sf Land
Selling Price: RM 322,816
Price psf: RM 21.21

Condition: 100% Completed with CF since 2010
Title: Available individually
Tenure: 99 years Leasehold
Expiry: April 2014

For Government Loan: 100% available for qualified buyers
For Bank Loan: 90% Loan available for qualified buyers
All Legal fees (SPA & Loan): Borne fully by Buyers

View & Booking of units:-
En Putra
IEC Properties E(3)1240

Khidmat Perjanjian Sewaan Hartanah

Salam semua,
Saya boleh membantu Anda untuk sebarang Agreement sewaan Hartanah Anda dalam
1. Rumah
2. Kedai
3. Pejabat
4. Tanah
5. Bangunan
6. Perniagaan

Kos perkhidmatan ini adalah bergantung kepada:-
1. Berapa lama perjanjian sewaan
2. Ingin kendalikan melalui khidmat Peguam, Jabatan Hasil ataupun melalui
khidmat Pesuruhjaya Sumpah.

Kecepatan siap bergantung kepada Kerjasama Anda didalam memberi maklumat &
data-data yang diperlukan

Kos Perkhidmatan adalah dari serendah RM100 hinggalah ke RMxxxx, bergantung
kepada siapa yang Anda pilih.

Untuk sebarang pertanyaan, sila hubungi saya, En Putra di talian 012-2615337 @ 010-3056823

Terima kasih

Monday, 17 September 2012

Mukmin Homestay Rapat Setia

Property: Mukmin Homestay Rapat Setia -121006

Price: rm350


4 bilik tidur
2 katil queen dan 4 katil bujang
2 helai Toto dan 10 biji bantal disediakan
3 bilik mandi dan 1 alat pemanas air
Ruang keluarga yang luas dan selesa
Set sofa dan set meja makan
Televisyen LCD dan Astro
Peti sejuk dan cerek elektrik
Papan penggosok(seterika disediakan atas permintaan pelanggan)
Set pinggan dan cawan
Kawasan parking yang luas
Pagar berautomatik

Lokasi berdekatan

Kedai runcit, farmasi, dobi, restoran, masjid dan maybank
Politeknik Ungku Omar dan Sekolah Tuanku Abdul Rahman (STAR)
15 min ke Jusco dan Tesco Ipoh Garden
15 min ke Lost World of Tambun dan Giant Tambun
Muslim sahaja
Masa check in 2.00pm
Masa check out 12.00pm
(tambahan masa adalah atas budi bicara pemilik homestay)

Sila hubungi Mastura 0195775677, 053136977

Sunday, 16 September 2012


Apakah dia Catuaba?
- Ia adalah sejenis tumbuhan Herba Afrodisiak yang berasal dari Brazil.
- Tumbuhan ini hanya didapati di kawasan hutan Lembah Amazon, Brazil.
- Diamalkan oleh Puak-puak India Tupi sejak berabad-abad yang lalu.
- Kehebatannya menjadikan Puak-puak India Tupi bergelar ' Orang Gajah Amazon'.

Kelebihan & Keunikannya
Mengikut pengamal-pengamalnya sejak dari berkurun-kuran lamanya, Catuaba ini dapat menghasilkan beberapa keistimewaan semulajadi yang unik seperti dibawah:-

Untuk lelaki
- Dapat menggalakkan pembesaran & menguatkan zakar lelaki.
- Melambatkan ejakulasi pada setiap hubungan kelamin lelaki.
- Memantapkan kelakian sebenar walaupun diusia 60'an sama seperti 20'an.
- Memanjangkan zakar sehingga melebihi 8 inci selepas beberapa bulan.
- Membesarkan ukuran lilitnya kepada 2 kali ganda saiz asal.
- Meningkatkan keupayaan seks yang sangat luarbiasa.
- Meningkatkan metabolisma supaya lebih kuat, sihat & bertenaga.
- Dapat merawat masaalah mati pucuk (ED), ejakulasi pramatang (PE) & disfungsi seksual lelaki.
- Mengimbangkan hormon dalam tubuh manusia & menggalakkan rembesan hormon lelaki (testosteron).

Untuk wanita
- Menegangkan kulit-kulit & otot-otot luaran & dalaman wanita.
- Membaik pulihkan urat saraf & perjalanan darah.
- Membantu meningkatkan ketahanan & kepuasan seks.
- Membantu untuk awet muda & menegangkan payu dara wanita.

Untuk lelaki & wanita
- Menggalakkan peredaran darah serta mencegah penyakit kardiovaskular.
- Merawat Hiperplasia Prostatik Benigna (BPH) & kerap membuang air kecil pada waktu malam.
- Meningkatkan sistem imunisasi badan.
- Meningkatkan daya ingatan walaupun telah lanjut usia.

Kebaikan Tambahan
- Baik dalam merawat masalah Shahwat, Mati Pucuk, Kencing Manis, Darah Tinggi, Jantung, Prostat, Batu Karang, Gout, Buah Pinggang dsb.nya.

Apakah kandungan yang ada dalam setiap peket Catuaba ini?
- Bijian Catuaba
- Cordyseps
- Saw Palmetto
- Ekstrak biji labu
- Buah Peach
- Serbuk Epal
- Tribulus Terrestris
- Horny Goat
- Fruktose

Bagaimanakah bentuk & rasanya?
- Segala ramuan diatas telah diserbukkan untuk mudah diminum
- Rasanya manis seperti rasa buah epal & pic

Berapa uncang yang ada dalam setiap kotak?
- Ada 8 uncang kecil seberat 1.5g pada setiap kotak

Cara-cara mengamalkan Pemakanan Kesihatan Catuaba & Tindak balasnya:-
- Pengambilan Peket Pertama & Kedua:-
*Cukup untuk memberi tahap kepuasan yang luarbiasa kepada pasangan Anda.
- Penggunaan pada Peket Ketiga & Keempat:-
*Membantu kaum lelaki untuk membesarkan & memanjangkan zakarnya serta memberi keupayaan seks yang kuat & luarbiasa.
- Penggunaan Peket-peket seterusnya:-
* Menggalakkan & menyuburkan zakar untuk membesar sekali ganda dari biasa.
* Memberi tenaga istimewa bagi kaum lelaki.
* Boleh merawatkan mati pucuk, ejakulasi pramatang & disfungsi seksual lelaki
* Boleh menyeimbangkan hormon tubuh manusia
* Menggalakkan rembesan hormon lelaki (testosteron).
* Boleh menggalakkan pengedaran darah.
* Boleh meningkatkan imunisasi badan
* Boleh menguatkan daya ingatan walaupun di usia lanjut
* Boleh menguatkan daya seks walaupun diusia 60'an seperti hanya 20'an.
* Mempunyai kesuburan yang lebih tinggi walaupun diusia 60'an.
* Kekal bertenaga walaupun diusia 70'an.
* Mampu menikmati hubungan seks walaupun diusia 80'an.

Cara Penggunaannya:-
- Tuang satu sachet @ uncang dibawah lidah.
- Kemam untuk 30 saat sebelum menelan dengan air.
- Bagi yang berusia 50 tahun kebawah, gunakan satu sachet 3 hari sekali.
- Bagi yang berusia 50 tahun keatas, satu sachet 2 hari sekali.

Berapa harga Tawarannya?
- Sekotak (8 sachet) kini di promosikan pada harga cuma RM199 sahaja.
- Se sachet (kalau nak cuba) dipromosikan pada cuma RM25 sahaja.

Produk ini telah mendapat kelulusan dari KKM, GMP, HACCP, ISO 9001, Sijil Halal Malaysia.
Produk ini adalah dibuat dari bahan-bahan sayur-sayuran semulajadi.
Diimport melalui USA sebagai makanan kesihatan yang Menakjubkan untuk semua!!

Untuk Tempahan, sila hubungi wakil-wakil pengedar Catuaba ini:-
En Salehan: 016-3371277 (Sg Besi, Kuala Lumpur)
En Putra: 010-3056823 @ 012-2615337 (Ipoh & Kg Pandan, Kuala Lumpur)
En Azuwan: 017-6151974 (Ipoh & Kepong, Kuala Lumpur)

Anda boleh melihat iklan seperti ini dalam:-

Biarlah para isteri anda Merayu & Meminta Anda berhenti kerana Kepenatan & Kepuasan yang Maksimum yang mungkin selama ini Anda gagal melaksanakannya!!